Journaling Reflections of the Coronavirus (CIVID19) Pandemic 2020

April 11, 2020

And the beat goes on.

I am sorry to report, although you’ve no doubt read or heard it elsewhere, that Michigan has banned home to home visits, travel to cottages or even visiting relatives nearby. This move by Michigan’s leadership is supposedly all about keeping people who have vacation homes in the country from fleeing the urban areas where the virus is supposedly more prevalent and virulent. That’s the logic. If you chanced to live an urban area…then sit there and roast, is the logic, not discussed.

That the U.S. Constitution is being set aside, or simply shredded at the feet of thinking Americans everywhere, appears to be evident, and now besides the point. The leadership of states and the federal government of the USA have figured out that they can do what they damn well please, and that those rules and laws driven into the very fiber of every citizen as rights, responsibilities and grand effects gifted by the U.S. Constitution, are now null and void.
In the name of safety. In the name of fairness.
In the name of care.

In the name of every other sort of excuse that can be created in dimly lit meeting rooms of congressional and executive power buildings constructed and operated across this country.

Finally, in the name of a virus that begins to appear more and more convenient every single day…and begins to keep combat veterans up every single night. Waiting to get ready. Getting ready to get ready…again.

I fought for the fair application of those rules and laws guaranteed by that vital document. I bled for that application, and for all of us who believed, and I hope believe, as I did.

Now, I must consider, at my older age, about whether I must once more be called back into that awful valley of the shadow of death. Will all these lost freedoms be returned to the nation or do some of us have to take them back? Will the constitution be re-instated, or do some of us have to go to Washington, take it down from the Smithsonian and then put it back in forcefully steeped in blood?

I’ll be up tonight. I’ll keep a light on for you.

How is this affecting YOU and Yours?
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