Journaling the Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic, Reflection #24
March 11, 2020

Lake Geneva, WI

The loosening of the Social Fabric.

Go out there and check it for yourself among the people you see and the effects you observe in your community. In my community, I was looking at a lot of people walking their dogs downtown today. There are only sidewalks. as they’ve roped the parks, and everything else, except roadways and sidewalks off. People are also picking up the mess their dogs make a whole lot less than before. A whole lot less.

I noticed the town full of cars parking in all the stalls that point toward the lake and staying in those cars to do whatever inside. I noticed that they were not respecting the white lines nearly as much as normal when parking. They just pull in and sit there, parked illegally but there’s no police around to do anything and the maids have been furloughed.

Road rage is up and driving is much less, well, dependable. Cars are going too fast or too slow or failing to maintain lanes, and if beeped or yelled at the drivers simply give the finger back. What in the hell is that?

I noted that many people, on the other hand, particularly those walking around, wave and say hello. Much more than before the beginning of whatever the hell this is.

And what is this hospital stuff everyone is talking about as if everyone who gets this has to go to the hospital? I never went to the hospital once in my life for the flu and I’ve had a bunch of them over the years. Tylenol, aspirin, Advil and Tamiflu…maybe some Alka Seltzer cold stuff…and then bed until I could take chicken soup or 7-
Up and keep it down.

What do people think who are checking into hospitals, anyway? There is no cure or real treatment for the flu, once you get it, just like this thing. And you don’t get it twice, and neither can you get this twice either…unless you believe the draconian strange people being trotted out as experts.

Most of these experts I would not stay to visit with if I encountered them at an ER, just by their appearance.

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