Reflection on the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, #26

April 13, 2020

Here they come.

With the help of Apple and Google, the Washington Post reports this morning that the government might finally have a partial solution to the spread of the virus. They want to designate certain people, those testing positive for the virus, and then have them tracked to make sure that they do not come into contact with others who may not have the disease. This would also assure that the person, commented on in the article as ‘a carrier,’ would follow all rules regarding home quarantine, travel, etc.

Where is this all leading?

Is America going to surrender every freedom in its headlong pursuit of stamping out a disease that is likely to be stamped out, all right, but at the cost of what we have all come to know as the American way of life? If a person is tested for the virus, then who is the tester, and who or what is the entity designating that person to be a ‘carrier?’ The ‘carrier’ has no say, nowhere to go to check the results or any of that. The ‘carrier’ becomes the new communist of old the new terrorist of only a few months back.

Yes, the ramifications of this whole thing are simply frightening. Frightening, that is unless you are continuing to pay strict attention to the ever more dire news coming out of your television set. This is all going somewhere and it’s not going to a place of simple disease control. That I write about such speculation makes me a bit of a target for those who ‘have a reason to believe’ as Rod Stewart wrote in this song so long ago…

What is your take on this development?
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Image courtesy of  Neal Freyman on the Morning Brew

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