Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #29

Apri1l, 16 2020

What may be coming in the night (or the day), as the first days of next week dawn and poor people come to the end of a rope…because they may starve themselves without food but they will not starve their children.

Exercise care, as this lockdown continues and the pressure (and hunger) begins to build:

    1. The fortification of food stores may occur, as the poor run out of money and have no food, they will proceed to where there is food. Rationing, entry rules and more will apply to those who do have money at food stores. They may come for food in other places because they have no choice.
    2. Look for slow-moving cars and trucks in your neighborhood, as these vehicles may contain people ‘casing’ the area, as they search for points of weakness to raid homes for food.
    3. Get a laser. A red laser with a strong beam. They’re cheap because they’re used as pointers. If necessary, and you have a suspicion of a stopped car checking you out, particularly at night, shine the laser outward where it can be seen, but not toward the car or any person (that’s a misdemeanor in Wisconsin). That laser will come across as a potential gun sight to anyone seeing it. Nobody gets hurt but everyone gets warned.
    4. Have lights right next to windows so that they reflect out and not illuminate what is inside.
    5. Get video for the outside all around. Video is cheap and great today and you get to see what is coming and then record it. Get one of those video doorbells too.

This is all to exercise care, not one to create panic or paranoia.

Nothing may ever happen, and we can only pray that is true, but nobody needs to go into any of this completely blind. Above all, start observing and be aware, much more observing around the neighborhood and aware of people’s movements than you ever have before.

The most effective way to survive combat, and maybe the only real way, is to avoid it. Take the example of twenty percent of the famed hero’s of NYPD and CPD, who are out on furlough, vacation or sick leave. They are not being hero’s at all but they might be being smart.

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