Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #30

April 16, 2020

Ever tighter. The powers that be put ever more pressure on a system that is quietly beginning to reach a near-critical stage. I am not writing this stuff to be negative, poke spurious criticism or cause depression. I am writing all this as a warning that if a direction the nation has chosen to take, at least ninety percent of it, is continued to be pursued then an unavoidable social, economic and psychological explosion of violence will be experienced by all of us.

The cinch is pulled tighter in New York and Maryland where they are requiring masks and gloves for all people going out in what we used to call the public. Now, to go outside, people, all people, must wear this gear…most of which people do not have. There are no masks at Walmart or Target or any of those. And the only gloves you can buy anymore are those huge clunky things at hardware stores. In Illinois, they are establishing checkpoints. The police (they apparently have plenty of masks and gloves) will be stopping all cars at undesignated checkpoints to check people to see where they are going and why they are going there, in order to put enforcement into the stay at home rules. The word ‘essential’ is about to have some real bite put into it. The fear of going to a jail that may be likely infested with the virus or at the very least jamming humans together one upon another should and will cause fear, if not downright terror, to spear into the hearts and minds of most citizens.

The encapsulation of the social body into divided pods of fear and terror can only have one eventual result. The explosion I am writing about. The police are being put in untenable positions, those officers working the checkpoints more exposed, and also knowing that they may be sentencing someone to death for breaking social visitation rules if they arrest them. Every day I wake up and wonder what new torture device can be implemented to ‘save’ everyone while the new saving measures are near silently and slowly killing them. We are losing our businesses, our colleges, our sports teams, our social organizations like churches and clubs and we are losing many of them permanently.

How can this be happening and what can be done? I don’t know. I wait, like you, hoping for the best, praying, and worrying like hell.

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