Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #43

April 23, 2020

Some ninety-year-old doctor keeps coming on the television to pronounce that there are waves of the virus coming just up ahead. The tsunami analogy fits perfectly for this kind of utter nonsense presentation. The second wave will likely be the biggest, that will hit this fall and be entwined with the flu due to begin hitting the population soon.

Oh, sorry, the flu season is just ending in the U.S. but it can be depended to begin again sometime in October or November. Thirty-two million people got the flu in 2019/2020 during this past flu season. We won’t even bother to discuss deaths from that because everything is intertwined now. Everyone who dies is dying from either the virus itself or ‘complications of the virus.’ I suppose a complication might be just worrying about getting the virus while you drive and then hitting a semi-truck trailer head-on while you are worrying. Complications of the virus. Just how long will this all continue and how much violence do they want to incite?

The leaders of the country keep doing things like taking the money they appropriated and giving it to businesses like Harvard University, an institution that has the single largest amount of ‘endowment’ money backing it in history (40 billion dollars). They got ten million as a small business. You got nothing. No matter who you are reading this. If you got a stimulus check then feel like you won the lottery. Most people can’t even go on the IRS site to check to see where their money might be. They are informed that the data is unavailable about them. By the way, that is everyone I know. Everyone. Another day and they screw the nut down another quarter turn.

Soon, this state will go the way of masks and gloves use required to go outside. The next rule will be mandatory testing. The rule after that will have me not being here and writing anymore. That’s got to be coming. I’ll be positive without symptoms. A great candidate for the train. I wonder what the camps will be named. I hope cooler names than Treblinka or Dachau, or any of those past places of processing and care. Why might be most worrisome and a real harbinger of what is coming is that they are doing all this stuff right out in front of everyone. The lies are stunning and obvious, the money is taken and kept.

Our leaders are not laughing at us…it is way more serious than that.

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