Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic, Reflection #44

April 25, 2020
Lake Geneva, WI

Harley Davidson, Trek, and Alan Edmonds Shoes…what do they all have in common?

The automobile, or rather the lack of those human carriages has brought a certain commonality to those three seemingly disassociated products. Driving in cars and trucks is down seventy percent across the nation, and in some places, much more. There are no cars in Lake Geneva for most of the week because of the Coronavirus “stay-in-place” declaration, with a slight uptick on the weekends. The city wants to go back to paid parking for revenue purposes, but yesterday, of the eleven hundred parking meters we could drive around and view, only about sixty had cars parked in slots. But we have Harleys and other motorcycles all over the place, seldom parking in any of the slots that are free, even. They just tour around, drawing their drumbeat attention, and then they move on. Not in big groups, like they used to be, but socially distanced, if you will, at just a few at a time…but so many. Bicycles are all over and also people simply walking around. Since there is nowhere far to drive, many people are giving driving up entirely, unless they have to carry groceries in the car or pickup.

I don’t know what’s going on across the nation because I am not out there, but in and around the lake here, that’s what’s happening. I used to not like the big groups of Harley drivers, but don’t mind them anymore. They are quieter now and I understand them better now. They need to, have to, get out and into the freedom of open-air and the road and all of what it means to be an American. Who would have thought? I’ll never ride a motorcycle again because the risk of injury or death is simply too high (although lower now with all the other vehicles staying off the road).

I am happy that this virus did not strike fully, and be reacted to so wildly, deep into the beginning of a terrible winter. That would have made things so much worse.

I pray. Most of you pray. I pray for me and you and I hope you do too.

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