Journaling the Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic, Reflection #48

April 29, 2020

When will the nation act after this is over?

Will the nation finally figure out that an educational institution, like Harvard, that accepts sixty percent of its entrants as ‘legacy’ students from wealthy families, hands out ninety percent ‘A’ grades, and has an endowment of 40.5 billion, is an institution that needs to be shut down and stripped of its charter when it quite literally ‘steals’ bailout money intended for small businesses in trouble?

Shut Ruth Chris Steak Houses down. Permanently. Shut Shakshack down. Permanently. Shut the Lakers out, period! These organizations have revealed that their cores are rotten, that they are run by thieving, nasty, and heartless leaders. Time to make some changes here. No, these are not draconian considerations. They are considerations intended to bring back integrity to our nation and hold these behemoth financial monsters to a standard we ourselves must obey and then transmit to all around us. Let’s get rid of these operations. They revealed themselves.

Some of the good news coming out of the virus mess.

Short and sweet today. What are your thoughts?

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