Coronavirus (COVID19), Reflection March 21
Dateline: Lake Geneva, WI


It’s all over the place if you are paying attention. I went to the Sentry Grocery Store today and passed through the fruit area. Yesterday, Honey Dew melons were on sale; 2 for $5.00. I went over to the display because I realized I like those melons and I wanted that great price. Today the melons were repriced at $5.29 each. Conversely, I went to the meat section of the store and looked at a prime rib roast. Yesterday, that same small end, bone-in, was thirteen ninety-five a pound. Today it was eight ninety-five. I bought one. Both displays had plenty of product out in the bins. Toilet paper was gone, again. The prices for the stuff were still there, however, on small cards under the empty shelves. Two days ago the Scott they had in stock came to a buck a roll. The new tags, with no product on the shelves above, came out to be a dollar-fifty per roll. A gas can be $74.95 yesterday (one of the good five-gallon ones) at the hardware store. I passed on that, although I would like a few extra gallons for my generator and cars, just in case.

Today I was looking for something else and passed the display. Same cans. Twenty-four dollars each. I bought two. I asked the guy in the aisle about the price change. All he said, before moving on, was; “yes, that’s correct.” I wondered if the cashier would stop me or something, but that didn’t happen. My mail at my UPS store mailbox is down to two or three envelopes a day, down from twenty with another twenty, or so, catalogs like it used to be. Yes, I hold the regular record at the place for catalogs received. But now, nothing. Three letters, none of them meaningful, and no catalogs, and it’s been that way for a week. My usual Kwik Trip gas station billed me for driving away without paying for gasoline on Saturday. I went in with that bill earlier today. I showed them the withdrawal for the gas in the exact amount from my card account. They apologized, and then gave me a five-dollar store credit for the trouble.

Strange things are happening everywhere and getting and keeping one’s balance through this jumbled ‘white water’ our normal placid stream of life has turned into is going to be as interesting as it is scary and unpredictable.

Adapt. Don’t get angry. Your mission, survival, must remain at the very top of every decision you make…quietly and without any fanfare at all.

The complaint department is not close…it is gone for good.

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