Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic,
Reflection #72

June 1, 2020

So, did you think, when I predicted that an ‘ignition point’ would set off the violence, that I was kidding two months ago?

You cannot shut down the economy without shutting down, and threatening to kill, all those who are so dependent upon it for survival. Humans will fight for survival. The ignition point, or event you are watching on your television right now, is about race and police over-reaction, but the result is not racial. The result is the ignition point I discussed earlier. It is much more extensive and serious than a racial issue.

It is about hunger, exposure, and the true killers of humanity over time. This is the beginning, and I so hope the police, political and military entities of our country do not over-react to allow this nightmare to grow and prosper to the point that we are all hurt seriously, and possibly terminally, by its effects. The virus is, and was, nothing in comparison.

The reaction to the virus may touch us all in so many ways, however, and that ‘touch’ may be laced with substantial pain, or worse.

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Although I do not tolerate animus toward each other.

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