Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19),
Reflection #75

June 12, 2020

Of course, the virus is back?

What were you thinking? The racial protests are quieting and there’s no civil disturbance violence or looting to be covered. The mass media does not simply sit there through the long nights anymore, waiting for stories to turn up that might continue the sales and popularity cycle through the next day. These selfish cretin run organizations now plan and plot their way through. They’ve gotten used to this new ‘reality television’ stuff and they cannot now shed their addiction to the attention or the money…or the innate and hugely unadmitted power.

So, back they went, early in the morning yesterday, to interview some of the disbanded and disgruntled experts previously assembled by Trump, to be the leadership force against the spread of the disease. Well, gee golly, what do you suppose they all said, these angry experts? Horrors. Coming spikes of huge proportions. The sky is falling. That’s what they said, and, accordingly, the sky fell…at least on the stock market.

I can’t find any viability or truth in following any of the virus-related numbers anymore. Who can follow those numbers, when they are based on nothing at all. More testing?

I guess so. Because there are now more people being tested, but then testing is not the only way to be deemed to have the virus. That can be the opinion of a ‘clinician,’ whatever or whoever that might be. Deaths? Well, gee golly, there is no huge backlog of autopsy results being rushed to analysis and publication. Nope. People die and then the ‘clinician’ determines that the cause was the virus. There’s more opinion tied up in these virus numbers than in all of politics today, and that’s a load. The mass media has the virus in reserve, just in case Al Sharpton or General Milley, or one of those people is not able to fully grab America’s attention and shake it by its stacking swivel.

What is tomorrow’s outrageous news going to be? Oh, gee golly, tomorrow is Saturday. The media takes a bit of a rest for two days, except for the empty-headed interviews being assembled today and Saturday/

Monday is coming….get ready.

And what are your thoughts on the subject?

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