Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic,
Reflection #76

June 12, 2020

The Coronavirus is very real.

Covid-19 is right here, all over the place and it’s killing a lot of people, but it also came along and was used, and continues to be used, as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for the same cabal of wealthy evil that’s lain at the foundations of this country’s leadership for many many years. That opportunity is to shut down the economic supply. It’s an opportunity to strike again at the poor, at the infirm, at the aged and those not having any power…regardless of race. The shutting down of economies, local, state, and national is a strike at those people, while the virus is indiscriminate, even though it kills (as well) more of the poor than any other concentration of humanity.

But the virus will not (overall) kill that many, statistically. It will be fought and is being fought, severely, and substantially because it kills rich people too, and white people too, and that cannot go unopposed. The poor die silent deaths of starvation, exposure, and inattention because of economics. The virus sufferers who do die, do so with sadness and real loss by those around them because it ‘was not their fault.’ The poor and the rest die of having nothing, no money, and no food, but are not lost with sadness because they are held to be silently at fault for not being able to supply those things they need for survival themselves. That their livelihood was taken from them to survive is ignored or lied about.

The well-heeled have the assets, the savings, and the creditworthiness to survive whatever shut down there is, with impunity. There are tons of these well-heeled survivors who have come to Lake Geneva to avoid Chicago and Illinois, where the virus is more pervasive. They sit in their rich expensive second or third homes and wait it out. Mostly in ghostly silence, keeping their garage doors closed and retrieving their garbage cans immediately after emptying. The poor don’t have garage doors or even garbage cans. They have no voice, no leadership, and nothing other than a tattered real Bible (not some piece of hotel drawer Bible like the president presented upside down to the world).

That Bible most of them have tells them to wait, to procreate, to endure, and to always be trying to believe, to toil, and to forgive those others. That last part is the hardest. The New Testament. It isn’t all they have, because God also acts. Believe, wait, toil, and forgive. Tough to follow, but, if followed, it allows for looking at oneself in the mirror and to truly love and care about humanity all around. A great gift the New Testament provides. Grip it close to the heart. Don’t hold it out as an example of anything.

The Book is not about talking. It’s not about illustrating. It’s about acting.

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