Coronavirus (COVID19

Reflection #9
March 23, 2020

Neither you, nor I, created this Coronavirus situation, or the result of being grounded to our homes. And, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do in response to these situations.

Staying at home, aside from the loss of financial flexibility (the banks are non-essential here), income (most jobs are in suspension here, and in suspension without pay), and mobility (there is really no place to go except to the grocery store and back), is hard. We tend to foment rather caustic discussions until things settled down for a bit anyway. There are things to be done around the home that can now be taken care of that have lain there forever.

Clean the garage out, after all, it is spring. Clean the basement. Re-arrange the library and all the rest of the stuff that has just sort of accumulated around the house. There are plenty of unwatched movies and series on Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime and more. There are board games, crossword puzzles and even feeding the birds, and then watching them. Art and writing and so many more other pursuits are opened up where there was no time before.

We can wait peacefully because the alternative is simply not thinkable. How long will this last and how bad are we going to feel about the situation as time begins to build and worry rises? Our job from here on is not to ‘go to war’ with either the virus or the people around us, but to understand, avoid, accommodate and adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Remember, when you watch the television for news, you are watching people talk to you who make at least six figures or more, and they are more motivated by that then they are by telling you the facts about anything. They are not going to lose their incomes in this coming economic swamp of creatures, things, and stuff that it is impossible to predict the next moves of. Adapt.

Don’t get mad.

Think each and every problem on through with patience and a sense of inertia to pull on by and through.

Adapt. square your shoulders and remember; leadership and courage are measured during tough times, not during times of sunshine, ease and comfort.

In the Marine Corps there is an expression; “all the way…up the hill...” and it means never ever ever ever quit…Winston Churchill was in full agreement…

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What are you doing to adjust and adapt?
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