The crowd was stirred up for the coming run, as Danny Ongais climbed into the GTO and belted up. Mickey and his helpers, many more than had been around before, gathered behind the car and pushed it to a place just a few feet from the starting line. The near-identical GTO in the outer lane from the small grandstand was the same color, the same body style, although it motored on its own to take a place with its front tires right on the starting line. Ongais was giving away a few feet simply because he didn’t want to idle the engine and possibly give away the fact that the headers were too loud, what with the eighth of an inch holes Smokey had drilled through the top of each of the eight pipes.

Everyone backed off and the cars were announced. I was expecting what came in the announcement about my GTO but it still hurt a little to hear it:
The 1966 stock Pontiac GTO hardtop running a factory 389 with three deuces, driven by Danny Ongais.”

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