SOSUS I is the acronym of the formerly top-secret array of ocean bottom sound sensing placements the U.S. has maintained during and following the cold war. These centers, many of them were manned, were built to find and follow Soviet submarines no matter where there were in the oceans, and they were very successful in not only doing that but so refined that they could identify one sub from another just by sound. The manned sites were serviced by a specially built nuclear submarine called the USS Kamehameha out of Honolulu.

It was built to house a special vehicle for traveling the ocean bottom. This submarine was also the one that a certain film producer was somehow given special use of to find and study the Titanic (Cameron). Why he was allowed all that is a mystery. This system discovered the sound of the Titan implosion seconds following the disaster.

That information was passed on the Coast Guard immediately but not the general public until yesterday. A special computer program ties all these center SOSUS sites together, as well as letting them communicate with all the US nuclear undersea fleet members. It’s called PROMIS and that’s a whole other story to tell….