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There have been a series of recent articles and television shows about the president failing to establish spoken or mental ability when he was making his presentations during the debate ten days ago, as this is written.  Even newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times, normally considered bastions of liberal ideology quickly went viciously into wanting the president to resign over his single performance after more than three years as president and being in political office for almost forty years.  It was expected that the Wall Street Journal and the New York Daily News would cry for the president’s blood but not the other two.

What’s happened across the entire news spectrum, online, television, radio, and the newspaper world has been the purchase of those institutions by those believing in right-wing ideals.  Both the Washington Post and the Times showed their true colors, even going so far as to write unfavorable and weakening articles about the overwhelming triumph of the Labor Party in Great Britain and going with the far-right parties in France.  The left and the right are not the left and the right.  They are named what they are when in fact there are only two real forces that form the powerful parties people see worldwide.  It’s genetic.

That’s right, the parties are formed from a singular genetic drive born over a million years into the fiber of every country, nation, state, city, or town.  Some have stuff and want more and some have less and want more.  Notice there’s one similarity between them.  They want more.  Humans always want more.  In only a few years one man (starting with huge financial gifts from the U.S. government) became the richest man in the world and went from the far left to his now pretty well-established far-right belief system.  Of the top ten richest people in the world nine of them are from the U.S. Arnault is from France).  All of them give money away or give the appearance of giving money away, and they do this using foundations.

The foundations are usually run by the spouses, children, and relatives of those wealthy ‘donors.’  The foundations, however, usually give the money away to other foundations and most have a great degree of difficulty in maintaining their status tax-wise because they must give six percent away from their foundational worth every year.  The worth of these ten men keeps going up as does the worth of what’s in their foundations.  If this sounds a bit sketchy when it comes to taking care of the homeless or feeding the poor…well, you are getting the drift here then.  Elon must be the only one of the ten who might fall from his exalted position of being on top as his car company, Tesla, was funded enormously by those liberals in the culture with enough money and they are not happy with the direction Musk’s beliefs are taking.

The right-wing of the American culture is, for all intents and purposes anti-electric when it comes to having these effective environmentally friendly cars and trucks around.  Note the lying ads about the government getting rid of cars that run with reciprocating engines, which of course the government isn’t doing or even considering.  Why Elon chose to ‘go against’ the majority of people buying the product that skyrocketed him to wealth and fame remains unknown, but his pursuit of ever more is blatantly evident just as it is with the other thriving multi-billionaires.  Meanwhile, the people who have not or little, want the same thing but at a survival or near survival level.  The very evident fact on display in today’s world, exemplified by the USA, is the imbalance of distribution, fueled by this universally genetic and driving need, will likely ‘true up’ once more, as it has done to all great civilizations that preceded it.

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