Dateline: Oahu, Hawaii
April 15, 2018

A ship in the night.

The Pride of America, the big ship is called. 80 thousand tons and 921 feet long. Sailing out of Honolulu Harbor late on Saturday night. Norwegian owned, American built in Mississippi. 2100 passengers.

Going where, out here? To another island? Maui is out there, about 116 miles away and the Big Island is 189. Both distances could be covered quite easily, and fairly quickly, overnight, since the Pride cruises at about 25 to 30 miles per hour. Watching it go by is sort of surreal. Like it’s not real at all. I can’t see the ocean, just hear it. I can’t see the sky because it is too stormy dark. The air is wonderful, no matter what the humidity and moisture state. But the ship is passing by while I am not. Gratefully not.

There is no place right now I want to sail away to. Life aboard ship can be entertaining and fun but it is also very containing and much more suited to the kind of people who like conducted and guided tours. I am not one of those kinds of people, which I am also certain most people reading this would assume. Izzy is singing his brilliant and touching rendition of Over the Rainbow so things are pretty great here.

The storms have passed, at least for the time being. At home, it is 32 and freezing rain so I’m going to hunker down for a bit.



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