Coronavirus (Covid19)
March 18, 2020

It becomes ever more draconian, regardless of statistics seeming to indicate that this new virus is much like old ones when it comes to making people very ill or killing them.

Right now, as I write this, one of the major leaders of disease control in America is advising people to find a place to ‘hunker down’ until this virus passes them by. Then she goes on to say that the period when you must stay out of circulation and hunker down will last through June. That is three and a half months from now. This woman is speaking on MSNBC to whom?

I am not minimizing either the morbidity or the potential mortality of this new Coronavirus, but I want to comment on the ability of the population to ‘hunker down’. How do regular people, used to working every day, and going to the grocery and drug store all the time, and to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, supposed to be able to give all that up and then pay for it, plus the mortgage or rent, utilities, cable, Internet and more?

How is it possible for almost eighty percent of the population to hunker down for a long period of time when it lacks the money to make it on through, or the place to hunker down, or the services of delivery to stay in some hole or home?

Why are the pundits, experts, and politicians not discussing this part of the problem? Why are the figures on who has gotten the virus and then survived it not splashed up there with the number of cases revealed, suspected, tested for and even died from? These people doing the talking on national television are on national television for the first time. This is their time to be momentarily famous or maybe famous for longer.

Draconian solutions are in. Barricading cities and urban areas is being discussed. Enforced quarantine of large areas is also right at the forefront of discussion. Legal curfews. The revelation of all those who get the disease and where they are located is also being done, and considered for everyone.

What is happening to my country?

I was asked by three people if I might have a gun that they could buy because, apparently, all the gun stores and sporting good places are sold out. I don’t have any guns, but regardless, I have a background of trained and experienced violence…or toolsets, call them what you might.
I can recognize trouble coming when I see it. Those three requests cause me to feel uncomfortable because it tells me that violence is on people’s minds, driven by fear.

Be careful out there.

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