Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic,
Reflection #70

May 29, 2020

I have been writing exactly about what is going on in Minneapolis and other large cities across the U.S. right now.

The Floyd George murder. It is not the murder. It is not about the black and white issue, although that will certainly play a role in what is coming. What has to come. This is about the poor, the infirm, the aged, and all those disadvantaged souls across America who do not have the means to get through the current crisis that was brought to all of their doorsteps (those who have doorsteps) totally out of the blue.

I wrote four (Reflection #50) and then three weeks ago (Reflection# 53) that this was coming and that it would start this week, as the poor truly ran out of money or means and rent furloughs and eviction prevention measures expired. I wrote about what happens when a group of people almost a hundred million in size, or more, reaches a point where the families cannot be fed, the shelter kept overhead and utilities on to support any kind of life at all. paid for The spark is this murder by the Minneapolis police officers of a black man. The video is definitive. The lack of care and expression on the faces of the police involved in the execution is revealing.

At first, those expressions don’t seem to make sense. You have to go back in time to have them make sense. You have to go back to Germany. You have to go back to a time when certain privileged individuals were given free rein to abuse and kill their fellow humans, who they came to see as non-human. That group of insulated and totally powerful men, and a very few women, is with us today. The Gestapo is back. The SS is here. It’s not about race, that’s only the excuse. It is about dominance and the rape of humanity. It’s about monstrous inhumanity, horrid torture, and totally offensive behavior condoned by an equally remote and insulated leadership. Those police officers knew they were killing that man, and they celebrated their power in being able to do so.

They were given that power and they relished it. They will not be charged or convicted of first-degree murder, which is very apparent the crime they committed. They will receive as much protection as this twisted and bent leadership of today can give them…and everyone is going to pay for that. Democracy is coming to the USA, the words of Leonard Cohen, and it’s not going to be pretty, and this has just begun, right on the timeline I laid out. 46 million are unemployed today? B.S. More like a hundred and fifty million and most do not have a stimulus, PPP, or unemployment to fall back on.

They do, however, have the streets…and they have guns…and they have become frightened and enraged…and soon deadened.

Welcome to combat.

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