Journaling the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic
Reflection #81

Pay attention to what is instead of what things seem to be.

The combined companies of Google and Apple, and then all the cell phone makers, forged an agreement to put a latent entry on everyone’s cell phone a few nights ago. If you click on your ‘gear’ for Apple’s tools (settings) and then push Privacy and then Health, you will see the entry. The entry is all about the coming of tracing (they refer to tracing as “exposure logging” on the data report written into your phone’s operating system), although it has not arrived yet. In order to activate the Tracking-tracing feature they put on, one would have to first download an app from a local medical authority and then turn the feature on. In six months, however, the companies are going to make the app feature extraneous, in other words, you won’t need an app to get tracing data or provide it. You will simply turn it on using the little iconic button on the screen.

Unless, of course, these companies, and the government, decide that your phone should always have the program on.

What’s discomforting about all this? How they universally put that stuff on your phone without your real knowledge or permission. They got into your phone while you were asleep and did this. What does that mean for the rest of what you keep and do on that phone? It means that they tipped their hand to just how much power they have to do what they damn well please with anything you have on your phone or do with your phone, or where it is for that matter, and you have nothing to say about it. We are becoming less free every day and we are allowing it to be done to us in these kinds of small increments.

A Faraday bag sits between the seats of my car now and at home. For twenty bucks you can buy one on Amazon. Put your phone in it and they can’t do anything with the phone or even track it. However, you can’t make or receive calls while it is in that bag either. Price to pay for everything. Think about it, as the nation heads for ever more control and rigid violation of everyone’s former rights…until things change violently the other way…which is, unfortunately, a reaction that is very likely to occur in the near future.

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Have you checked your Cell Phone for this APP?

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