Friday, Friday…..Fun in Santa Fe

John Tittle and his friend Coaster. John wears his shoes without laces because he says they don’t return your laces when they let you out of the ‘facility’ when they pick you up for not having enough money on some nights. Hmmm……..

Wednesday in Santa Fe…….

Downtown Subscription, the coffee shop I almost got thrown out of last visit, but fled when I saw it coming (for discussing whether ISIS and Al Qaida really exist, too loudly). The place is thronged, as it’s about the only coffee shop left in town……..

On My Way to Santa Fe

Berghoffs. Concourse C. Gate 21. United Awful Airlines. Waiting. Salvio gets us all into the Christmas spirit by putting up the decorations, laughing a lot while singing the strangest Spanish version of Silent Night I’ve ever heard…..