Down In The Valley

Down In The Valley

An Arch Patton Adventure

Arch Patton, slightly aging CIA operative, finds himself embroiled in a secret mission, rekindling a relationship with an old “friend” Virginia and allying with members of the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement.

The action takes place on Ohau and Bellows Air Force Base, now a United States Marine Corps facility. Arch becomes conflicted with his “love life” and helping those in need.

What is the Military hiding on the old Bellows Air Station?

“He’d retired ten years ago before coming to be lying alone in the mud.  Retired from being a field operations specialist.  A real spy.  A spy who had to get in and get out with almost no help, and accomplish missions which were too bizarre to be written into movie or television scripts.  Spying wasn’t a believable occupation.  Not in the culture of modern America.  So he portrayed himself as a retired professor, which he resembled much more than the public’s idea of a spy.”

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