I get tired of it. The constant drone about the human over population of our world and how our actions are bringing it to an end. Has most of the world forgotten about basic math and geometry? Or didn’t most of the world go to school? Most of the world I experience...


It's all about the money. Obamacare. Oh, the idea was great and the law well written, except for one part. That part was the part that made no demands whatever on what insurer's could charge or increase or anything else financially. Expecting American Medical...

Seattle Experiences….. Boingo

Boingo, Legal robbery of Wi-Fi? Boingo seems to have circumvented and capitalized on loopholes, or is enforcement a thing of the past? Seattle Washington. Boingo Poison. Yes, Boingo. If you don't know the WiFi company then you haven't traveled. They are supposedly the...

The Online Banking Ripoff, 2016…….

I have been writing about some banking phenomenon going on across the country of late. I liken it to the luggage fees charged by the airlines. Outrageous? Absolutely, these luggage fees, but at least the airlines tell you what the fees are and what you are going to have to pay…..

Sunday Morning at Geneva Java Coffee Shop

Dateline: Sunday, January 9, 2016 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Sometimes interesting people are just at the next table. Geneva Java Coffee Shop on Sunday morning. This guy and his female friend (Cal Tech graduate in physics) talking about Larry Niven’s first book about the Pak…….

New Years Wish List, 2016

Dateline: Lake Geneva Wisconsin, December 27, 2015. The New Year approaches. What changes would you like to see take place within the confines of your culture? How about these: