Reflections by James Strauss

Reflections of Life,
Past, Present and Future


James Strauss

Reflecting on the outrageous fortune that has smiled down upon me with all of its travel, pain, depression, elation, danger, adventure and total lack of believability.  For a time I tried to have credibility until I discovered that my own credibility was without meaning.  The meaning of life has nothing to do with credibility or believing in anything.  It has to do with longing and thought leading to the satisfaction of a mission in pursuit and a need to understand rather than  to be understood.

I came to outwardly express my feelings and thoughts so as to constantly remain actively in search at my core.  From my core to the outside world.  From my core to the Solar system and galaxy.  From my core to the universe and finally, from my core to your core.  This site is about your core and what you might be able to take from my own.

Enjoy my reflections and share yours here. Comment freely on the posts. May we grow together on this strange journey


I helped a guy in Hawaii once. I was helping him run his little bitty but very upscale auto repair shop. He worked on cars I loved, like Ferrari and Porsche. I worked for free and I didn't even have a car. This guy was a seemingly great expressive and entertaining guy...


"We skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels across the floor....I was feeling kind of seasick, and the crowd called out for more...." I have taken the election results harder than anyone in my extended family, anyone I know at work and even in my favorite coffee...


I can't sleep so well and amazingly my appetite is down like I'm on some special diet. I'm sort of a mix inside of a bit of fear, anxiety and broken hope.......but the main element of strangeness is a feeling inside my very center of instability. I lost something in...


Peter Wilson, a local attorney and a friend of mine, died in his sleep last night. He had a magnificently bold but weak heart. He was also one of those very rare humans in that he thought I was a better person and much greater than I really am…..


The Supreme Court. Why the House of Representatives, resisting efforts to appoint anyone to fill the vacant U.S. Supreme Court role, has little to do with partisan politics. Say what? Everything is the opposite of what they are saying…..

THE ELECTION and the Cubs

Election and the Chicago Cubs It is Sunday night, which means that we only have a week and a day of this election cycle to go. Can we hack it? What will be the next scandal or investigation, tape or audio recording? Whom will come forth to be famous or to be the...

On the Road Again, FREEDOM TOWER

What I wanted it to be. The monument and museum of the World Trade Center. I wanted it to be quintessential American. I wanted it to be the best of what a Walt Disney might come up with or the Hollywood people who put on the Olympics that year……..


Hieronymus Six a.m. comes early in Duluth, Minnesota,  when February, the coldest month of a cold winter, begins. It was the first and it was a Saturday morning. I lived in a four story home built by some important person many years earlier. There’d been enough time...


Back when I had to get up in the morning. Now I get up in the morning because I can’t even remember what it was that I got out of sleeping in.
Back then my brilliant wife was in control of the stereo, a stereo capable of blowing anyone and anything out of our small one story home


There will be no getting together. Of all social fears that exist on the planet, for cultural leaders, people getting together is their greatest fear. Today, with the advent of such magnificent electronic media inventions…..

Chemical Theory

The hall outside the St. Norbert Chemistry Department classroom door saw a lot of traffic. The dark, near ebony, wood and solid stone floor that ran the length of the narrow passage exuded age and class. Student’s passing all did so in silence, carrying piles of...


Fifth grade at Sacred Heart Academy in Duluth, Minnesota wasn’t much different than other Catholic Elementary Schools of its time, except for its location high atop a hill above one of the coldest developed areas in the United States. Other places in Minnesota might...

“Thank the Living Christ”

They hadn’t told me that I was going to make it yet, when my brother came by to visit on his way home. We’d been hit only two weeks apart. The telegram came to me about his injuries, dropped in by a supply chopper late in the day on a place called Ganoi Island in Vietnam…..


Ajinomoto To be stuck in Hawaii without any money was a horrible thing for any kid, particularly three white Haole kids, coming from a military family and living in a downtown local area on the fringe of downtown Waikiki. Kapuhulu was what the district was called. I...

Observations of a Global Nature

Dateline: Lake Geneva, WI August 20, 2016 The Olympics are tailing down...... I will miss them. I absolutely love the shots, few as they've been of the aerial scenes of that city. Rio is stunning in location. I did't know, before these games, that the Brazilians were...

Starfish Prime, 1962

The July of 1962, on Oahu, was oppressive in more ways than I, and my friends atop Diamond Head, could count. The Sundays came and went, Sunday being the only day of the week that our parents would let us run off and climb the crater wall above Fort Ruger…….

It’s Only Captain Crunch…….

“The cat’s name is Pushkin,” the eight-year-old said. “He’s named after a great Russian who did something a long time ago.” The boy stroked the Russian Blue between his ears, as the cat leaned his head down to pick away at his Fancy Feast…..