Reflections of Life,
Past, Present and Future


James Strauss

Reflecting on the outrageous fortune that has smiled down upon me with all of its travel, pain, depression, elation, danger, adventure and total lack of believability.  For a time I tried to have credibility until I discovered that my own credibility was without meaning.  The meaning of life has nothing to do with credibility or believing in anything.  It has to do with longing and thought leading to the satisfaction of a mission in pursuit and a need to understand rather than  to be understood.

I came to outwardly express my feelings and thoughts so as to constantly remain actively in search at my core.  From my core to the outside world.  From my core to the Solar system and galaxy.  From my core to the universe and finally, from my core to your core.  This site is about your core and what you might be able to take from my own.

Enjoy my reflections and share yours here. Comment freely on the posts. May we grow together on this strange journey

Back Dive… the 2016 Olympics Effect?

BACK DIVE...1960 With all of the focus on Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro the past weeks my memory banks are rejuvenated. I reached the pinnacle of one meter diving in 1960, as a graduating sophomore at Thornton Fractional North Township High School in South Chicago....

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Paris, late 1990’s

I hate Paris. Oh, not the restaurants, the food vendors on the streets or the Louvre. Even the Eiffel Tower and the river are pretty terrific, when it’s not raining or foggy or any of that other French stuff.  No, I hate Paris because of how shitty the airport is, how...

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Coming Home, 1965

The 1965 pledge class of the ADG Fraternity at St. Norbert College rejected a young man because of a disagreement the fraternity had regarding a pyramid scheme it was conducting all over the campus. In order to prove his point, that the fraternity was doing something federally illegal….

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Flowers in Your Hair………..

"Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair......." Publishing a local weekly newspaper offers me the opportunity to write and Opinion/Editorial each week. Most  focus on very current events and we all know 2015 and 2016 have provided tons of editorial and opinion...

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